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In today's Episode of Kundali Bhagya Karan is trying to find out where Preeta goes during the family rituals. Karina and Dadi also inquire about Preeta. Rishabh tries to find out the truth.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update, Ep 806 21st October 2020: Preeta leaves rituals abruptly

The episode starts with Sanjana explaining that Sherlyn should not say that she has a relationship with Mahira. Ramona arrives. Sanjana tells Sherlyn that she does not want her daughter to ruin her life as Mahira. Preeta is meeting the guests. Rishabh asks Karan for a drink of water so that he can calm himself. Sarla compliments Preeta saying she looks nice with Karan. Police ask Preeta how she hurt her head. Preeta says she got hurt while working in the function.

Srishti asks Preeta why she is hiding the truth relating to Mahira. Karan wants to discuss something with Preeta. Karan wants to know why Preeta left the function and where did she go. Karina and Dadi are also inquiring about her. Preeta says that she was feeling suffocated in the house so she left. Rakhi thinks Sarla was right about Preeta’s feelings. Rakhi comes up on stage and announces that they are not able to fulfil the rituals of their family, so they will be performing once again tomorrow. Sarla is about to leave. Sarla asks Preeta to be honest and fight Sherlyn and Mahira. Karan says that he cannot understand what Preeta is doing.

Sherlyn makes a plan and also, they have an opportunity to make sure that Preeta doesn’t create any problem. Sherlyn says that she got lots of attitude after marrying Karan. Preeta says she can do anything to protect her family.

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