In Kundali Bhagya written update 11th March 2020 episode Luthra’s are happy about Mahesh. Prithvi spikes Preeta’s drink. Srishty and Preeta plan to play the same game Mahira played. They lock them in the outhouse.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 11th March 2020: Preeta locks Mahira and Sherlyn

The episode begins with Preeta injecting Mahesh according to the doctor’s instructions and stabilizes. She asks everybody to leave as he needs rest. Rakhi, Dadi and Karina deny to leave and so Rishabh tells them to wait quietly and asks others to leave. Karan and Rishabh thank Preeta for her help. Prithvi wonders how Mahesh healed so quickly. He is confused about Preeta helping Luthra’s after what they did to her. He thinks that he should do something so that she isn’t able to help them. He gives some money to the waiter and mixes something in a drink and asks him to give it to Preeta who is unwell. The waiter offers it to Preeta but she refuses. She takes after Karan insists. Srishty tells the waiter to get two more for her and Kritika. Karan feels dizzy, so he leaves. Rakhi tells Preeta to make tea for Dadi. Preeta immediately goes and Srishty accompanies her. Kritika hugs Rishabh and he says that everything will be fine now.

Prithvi hears that and thinks he is so intelligent. He gave a spiked drink to Preeta so she won’t be helping them. Prithvi takes a glass but the waiter is reluctant to give as it has bhaang mixed by Sherlyn. He scolds the waiter. While making tea, Srishty asks Preeta why she didn’t question Mahira to which she says her priority was Mahesh’ health. Srishty says they must answer her back. Just then Sameer enters and asks what happened. Srishty explains everything. Sameer gets frustrated and tells Preeta to confront her. They make a plan of locking Mahira and Sherlyn says she will execute it and Preeta should spend time with Luthra’s.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn is tensed as Mahesh recognized her. Mahira asks her when Karan will be intoxicated to which she says in some time. Srishty Pretends to tell Preeta on a call that she will get the first aid box from the outhouse and give it to Rakhi which will make them happy. Sherlyn and Mahira move towards the outhouse as they hear Srishty.

Rakhi, Karina and Dadi are happy that Mahesh is conscious. Rishabh asks everybody to come out as Mahesh needs rest and they can have tea. Meanwhile, Srishty follows Sherlyn and Mahira but sprains her ankle and is unable to lock the door. But soon Sherlyn realises that they have been played and try to exit but Preeta locks the door. Sherlyn asks her to open the door but Preeta says that she did this on purpose and this is exactly what suits them both because of how they are.

Karan feels unwell and enters his room. Preeta sees him and thinks Mahira’s plan didn’t work. Karan calls Preeta in and says he is happy and they wish each other happy holi. Karan is losing his senses and he tells Preeta to hold him. She says he did wrong so she won’t. Karan winks at her and then hugs her. Preeta is about to leave but he stops her and they hold hands and have a romantic moment.

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