In Kundali Bhagya written update 12th March 2020 episode Karan and Preeta in an intoxicated state get close and have funny arguments. Sherlyn messages Prithvi and he unlocks the door and they lock Prithvi in the storeroom.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 12th March 2020: Karan and Preeta have cute arguments

The episode begins with Mahira and Sherlyn wondering they made a mistake by trusting Srishty. Mahira bangs on the door and pushes the things around. But Sherlyn explains to her that it’s of no use as they are in the storeroom and the Arora sisters played them and Preeta will be with intoxicated Karan. Karan and Preeta get close and he says that she shouldn’t say it was a mistake because they are married. He is about to kiss her but pushes her saying his nose is coming in between. They argue each one saying their lose is longer. Karan takes her to the mirror and asks her to check. Karan smiles and Preeta asks why is he showing his teeth. He says because he looks handsome and she beautiful. He asks her to marry him. She says never. How did you think about this? He asks you don’t like me. She says not as much to marry him. He pleads and says tell otherwise he would cry. She says don’t cry and tells that because he didn’t compliment her nicely ever. He says she is very beautiful. She says tell me what I don’t know. He says you are the finishing sixer which wins the match, you are the food that fills me, and his dreams are her and she is his love. He says I love you and asks if he can hug her. They hug each other happily and he kisses her on the cheek and she gets shocked.

Sherlyn tries to get network and Mahira asks her to do something. They both start arguing. Mahira asks her to call someone but Sherlyn says if they call somebody the person won’t believe Preeta locked them. Sherlyn tries calling Prithvi but doesn’t connect, so she sends a voice note. Prithvi feels dizzy because of the drink. Mahira asks her whom she messaged and Sherlyn says to the person that will come to her aid. Prithvi comes there and asks Sherlyn to open the door. She asks him to open from outside. He opens the door and she locks him in as he might expose them in the intoxicated state.

Preeta refuses to kiss Karan. He says he is famous and can kiss anyone. She says she won’t let him kiss her as she is special. He says she is his love, but she pulls away. She says then why did he say he could kiss anyone. He says that he understands she is jealous but she refuses. She says if he teases her, she will leave but he continues. Preeta tries to leave but Karan shuts the door and says she can only leave after saying the three magical words lovers say after seeing each other. She refuses but finally gives in and asks him to close his eyes. He asks if she is nervous, but she insists him to close his eyes. She comes with a pillow and says ‘he must behave’. Karan gets angry and they come face to face. He pulls her closer and asks if she thinks of these words again and again. She says it is because he never talks nicely to her. He gets angry and she starts shouting which irritates him.

Sarla calls out Preeta, Srishty and Janki. Janki comes out and Sarla says why did you have a bath. She says she played holi and was tired. Sarla says why aren’t the girls up. She goes to their room and finds no one. Janki says she feels they went to the Luthra house. Sarla says she has told them not to go but they don’t listen, there are good and bad people at Luthra’s. She is tired of explaining them. Mahira and Sherlyn hear Preeta and Karan and are shocked to see Karan kissing Preeta who is begging to leave.

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