In Kundali Bhagya written update 13th March 2020 episode Karan and Preeta close the door on Sherlyn and Mahira’s face. Mahesh tells Sherlyn he will reveal her truth. Sherlyn and Mahira plan to kill him and push him down the stairs.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 13th March 2020: Sherlyn and Mahira try to MURDER Mahesh

The episode begins with Sherlyn and Mahira hearing Preeta’s voice while passing through the hallway. Mahira knocks on the door and asks him to open. Karan says his enemy is outside so Preeta gives him a bat. He opens the door and Mahira asks what’s happening. Preeta is about to leave but he stops her. He kisses her hand and says he needs to speak something important. Mahira says what important. She says talks between husband and wife are secret and she asks him to close the door on Mahira’s face. They close the door and Mahira and Sherlyn are confused as Preeta is intoxicated. Mahira peeks through the window but Preeta draws the curtains. Mahira says if the family finds out about Preeta and Karan in a room but Sherlyn says they will hide it from them. Preeta slips her feet and falls on the bed and Karan falls on top of her. Sherlyn and Mahira peep in. Karina, Sanjana and Ramona move towards Mahesh’s room and tell Mahira and Sherlyn to accompany them. Karina speaks to Mahesh saying she is very happy and everybody is here to see him. Ramona says once he is up they will have fun as they used to earlier. Karina tells him that Karan and Mahira are getting married and Mahira is Ramona’s daughter. Mahira and Sherlyn say Mahesh needs rest, so they should leave. While Karina is about to adjust Mahesh’s pillow Sherlyn says she will do it as she does all his work. As Sherlyn adjusts it angrily Mahesh opens his eyes. He says he will reveal Sherlyn’s truth to everybody and Preeta is good. Sherlyn shouts no and something falls. Karina and everybody else come in. He says Rishabh and Karina says she will call everybody.

Preeta wakes up with a heavy head and thinks how did she sleep with Karan so close, what was she doing here. She doesn’t remember anything and tries to recall everything. She sees that the room is locked and gets thinking. She asks Karan if he is okay and is about to leave but Karan holds her hand and doesn’t let go. Here Sherlyn runs and is worried. She tells Mahira that their lives will be hell after he gets well. Mahira says no, it’s nice he is getting better because Karan will marry her as he had told her. Sherlyn tells her its bad because just by thinking he is getting better she is so scared, what will happen when he actually gets fine. She adds that after he gets fine, he will throw her out of the house and then nobody will support Mahira to get married to Karan. Mahira denies but Sherlyn says everything will end. She tells Mahira she has filled Luthra families ears that Preeta is responsible for Mahesh’s condition but in reality, she herself is responsible. Sherlyn continues that once Mahesh opens his mouth he will reveal her truth and Luthra’s will throw her out and accept Preeta and Preeta will reveal Mahira’s truth, so both will be in the mouth of death. Mahesh gets uneasy as he gets flashbacks of Sherlyn. He tries to wake up but falls down. He manages to slide upon a wheelchair and exits the room.

Karan doesn’t let Preeta leave and asks her to say the three magical words. She says I tried stopping you from drinking bhaang but those two made you have it. She asks him to let go as it will help him. Mahira says she didn’t know about it but it’s just little improvement. Sherlyn sees Mahesh on a wheelchair. Mahira and Sherlyn get hyper. Mahira says let’s kill him as its the only way. Sherlyn says she will push him down the stairs and Mahira should call the family. They plan to blame Preeta for pushing Mahesh down the stairs. Mahira leaves and Sherlyn holds Mahesh’s mouth and says once she pushes him he will be dead. She tells him that her Prithvi did his accident and she will kill him today. She pushes him but he gets stuck midway. Mahira comes there and tells Mahesh that the family will be pained to see him like that and frees his stuck hand and says she is here for Sherlyn’s help and pushes him down. Preeta hears Mahesh’s voice and rushes and sees him fallen on the ground. She calls everybody and Sherlyn and Mahira look on.

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