In Kundali Bhagya Written Update 19th March 2020 episode Karan agrees to marry Mahira the next day after Karina convinces him. Sameer informs Preeta about Karan’s wedding. Sarla scolds Sameer angrily for everything Luthra’s did to Preeta. Preeta tries to calm Sarla.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 19th March 2020: Preeta tries to calm Sarla

The episode begins with Karina telling Karan that to save the family from Preeta, he should marry Mahira tomorrow itself. Mahira says that Karina is right. Karan agrees. While everybody gets happy, Rishabh leaves. Srishty and Preeta wake up jolted as Sameer knocks the window. He tells them that Mahira and Karan are getting married tomorrow. Preeta gets shocked and recalls their moments together. Late she says, it’s good they are getting married and leaves. He tells Srishty that she needs to explain Preeta because if Mahira enters Luthra house, she and Sherlyn will do something. He tells her that Mahira is turning into Sherlyn and he isn’t getting the right vibes from them. He tells Srishty to do something to stop the wedding.

Srishty says that despite helping Luthra’s Preeta has always been accused and blamed. She speaks angrily to him but Sameer asks her to think with a calm mind and then talk to Preeta. Sarla sees him and says he should leave. She scolds Srishty and says Karan and Karina have troubled Preeta and yet she allowed Sameer to enter in the house. Sarla scolds Sameer and says if he has enough guts he should tell his family that they are wrong. She scolds Sameer for telling Preeta about Karan’s wedding and continues lashing him with her words. Preeta pleads Sameer to leave.

Preeta calms Sarla and says that her daughter isn’t weak. They hug each other and cry recalling past memories. Sarla tells Preeta there is no need to be good as Luthra’s have always treated her badly. Preeta calms her down and says they will forget everything and start with a new beginning with the new morning and they continue crying.

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