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In Kundali Bhagya written update 4th March 2020 episode Sherlyn imagines that Mahira created a scene at the hotel. She calls Mahira back to the party and tells her to trap Karan by acting helpless. Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta have a good time at dinner.

Kundali Bhagya  Written Episode Update 4th March 2020: Mahira envies Preeta

The episode begins with Preeta asking Karan why does he help her in every difficult situation to which he says she is important than his life and he can do anything for her. Preeta tells him that the trust in their relationship which was lost is back now, so is he really going to marry Mahira? He tells her he can’t marry Mahira because he loves Preeta. Mahira creates a scene at the hotel and slaps Preeta and Karan slaps Mahira and tells her to stay away from Preeta. He tells her that they loved each other in the past and that will continue in future and she has to face Karan before even touching Preeta. But it all turns out to be Sherlyn’s imagination.

To save herself Sherlyn calls Mahira and tells her not to create any scene because it will bring Preeta and Karan closer and she will lose him forever. She instigates Mahira against Preeta and tells her to play games like Preeta does and calls Mahira back to the party.

Karan eats spicy food and his mouth burns but pretends to be okay. Preeta feeds him honey and he feels better. While Preeta feeds him food, a reporter clicks their picture. Karan asks him to delete it. At the party, Sherlyn behaves rudely to Kritika and apologizes when she says she is leaving.

Mahira returns to the party and Sherlyn tries to calm her down and tells her that Preeta acts helpless and traps Karan. She tells to trap Karan by acting helpless and be together so people feel they are a couple. She asks her to call Karan and tell him she misses him and make him feel guilty.

Preeta tells Karan to control his anger to which he says he isn’t angry all the time. Preeta gets her mother’ call and Mahira calls Karan. He tells her that he can’t make it to the party. She manipulates him saying her friends have placed a bet saying Karan won’t come and it is about her reputation now. She adds she will be waiting for him on the 9th floor and ends the call. Karan feels guilty and questions himself. Sherlyn tells her plan to Mahira saying she will tell Karan that she is in a massive problem and can even lose her life. Preeta returns after her call and Karan teases her saying the call was an excuse to touch up her makeup as she looks pretty suddenly. Mahira tells Sherlyn she won’t do anything to risk her life to which she says that Mahira will be completely safe. Sherlyn tells that they should move to the 9th floor to light fire there.

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