In Kundali Bhagya written update 6th March 2020 episode while Karan rescues Mahira and leaves, he gets a call from Kritika saying Preeta is in the hotel. He rescues Preeta and drops her home. Sherlyn asks Mahira to calm down.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update 6th March 2020: Karan saves Preeta From Fire

The episode begins with Preeta calling Mahira’s relationship a show-off. Mahira pushes Preeta and her head hurts with the table and she falls unconscious. Mahira leaves the room and says you will burn in this fire. However, she hears Karan and enters the room again. She coughs to show Karan she was choking and pretends to get unconscious by falling in his arms. Meanwhile, in the lobby, Kritika gives Sherlyn juice. Just then Karan comes with Mahira. Kritika doesn’t see Preeta so goes to the party to inquire about her. Karan leaves with Mahira and Sherlyn in the cry and Sherlyn tries to wake her and she smiles and pretends to remain unconscious. Karan calls Preeta and as she doesn’t answer he thinks she might be angry. Just then Kritika calls Karan that Preeta was in the hotel but she couldn’t find her so he needs to come soon. Karan asks Sherlyn to take Mahira home and lives to go to Preeta. Mahira wakes up and cries.

Karan enters the burning room and sees an unconscious Preeta lying close to the fire. He lifts her and tries to wake her up and an envious Mahira looks on from the window. Karan tries to find a way to exit the room and Mahira feels Karan is getting married to Preeta. Sherlyn tells her that they have to leave. Karan gets Preeta down and Kritika gets water for her and calls the doctor. In the car, Preeta gets conscious and inquires about Mahira. Karan tells her that Mahira had left the room and Preeta got unconscious because of the smoke, Preeta gets a flashback of what happened in the room with Mahira. She understands that Mahiraleft her in the fire. Preeta denies going to the hospital and Karan insists on dropping her home. She gets a flashback of her mother saying she doesn’t trust him. But he tells dadi, Srishty all love him but Preeta anyway denies. Karan invites her for Holi but she says she loves celebrating festivals with her family and then thanks Karan.
In the kitchen, Srishty smells gujiya and burns herself and Preeta gets home. Preeta teases Srishty. Sarla asks Preeta to taste gujiya and that’s when she sees the mark on her head. She lies saying she hurt herself with her nail. Sarla fees gujiya to Preeta and Srishty and they praise her food.

Sherlyn asks Mahira to calm. Mahira wanted Karan to take care of her over Preeta. Sherlyn assures her that Karan is hers. Sherlyn assures Mahira that they would use all tricks to keep her and Karan together. Holi celebrations begin and Karan comes to hug his mother. Kritika calls him notorious, while Rishabh saves her. Rishabh is on a call with the doctor, making others tense. His mother asks what happened and Rishabh informs that his father would be better. Sherlyn is tensed on hearing the news, while everybody else is happy. When talks about Karan and Mahira’s wedding come up, he says he doesn’t wish to marry her.

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