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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 824 11th November 2020, we see that Mahira says that she is Karan's wife and will keep fast for Karan's good health.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep 824 11th November 2020: Mahira to keep Karva Chauth fast for Karan

The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Dadi scolding the waiter that he doesn’t know anything about what things are in the kitchen. Karina and Kritika enter and ask what is happening. Dadi says that she has to make Sargi as Rakhi is not well. Also, she has to follow some rules that Rakhi has mentioned.

Mahira enters the kitchen and says that she also wants to keep fast for Karan. Kritika says that she can’t keep fast as she is weak. Karina says let Mahira keep fast for Karan as it is about Karan’s good health.

Rakhi calls Dadi and informs her that Sarla will be coming with some sweets and gifts for Preeta. Later, Mahira stops near the door of Karan’s room and keeps looking at him. Karan asks Mahira if she wants something. Mahira tells Karan that she will be fasting for Karan and will prove that she is his real wife and not Preeta. She also says that Dadi and Karina already gave her permission to keep Karva Chauth fast for Karan.

Preeta enters. Karan tries to tease Preeta that she has turned red because of her jealousy and anger. Preeta leaves the room by saying they can do whatever they want.

Karan asks Mahira to go into her room and sleep. Karan leaves. Preeta enters the room behind him. Preeta tells Mahira that since day one Mahira has been trying to break the family and their relation, but never succeeded.

Mahira tells Preeta that she will prove her love by keeping fast for Karan. And she will break her fast with Karan’s hand.

Precap: Preeta warns Mahira to behave well with Sarla or she will reveal her truth to the family.

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