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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 825 12th November 2020, we see that Sarla learns that Mahira is keeping fast for Karan. Sarla objects saying Mahira is not married to Karan, Preeta is. And Preeta should be fasting for Karan.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep 825 12th November 2020: Sarla objects to Mahira keeping Karva Chauth fast

The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Sarla telling Sherlyn that she can also have sweets. Sherlyn gives a smile to Sarla.

Karan, Rishab and Kritika are still fighting for the laddu. Dadi asks Sarla to stay at Luthra house, and she can be a part of their rituals on Karva Chauth. Sarla leaves as she arrives unwelcomed. Sarla asks Dadi to add her laddus with their Sargi laddus. Preeta is happy that her mother got respect which she deserves.

Sarla prays that everything should be okay and Preeta should not get hurt.
Ramona walks in. Everyone sees Ramona and gets shocked. Ramona asks if they will welcome her or not. Karina welcomes Ramona. Ramona goes to Mahira and apologizes for being rude to her and not being there when Mahira needed her.

Ramona tells Mahira that when she was in the hospital that time she was worried about her and that she spoke harshly with everyone. Mahira says that she doesn’t need to apologize to her, she needs to apologize to Dadi, Karina and Karan as she was harsh with them.

Ramona apologizes to everyone. And they forgive Ramona. Then Mahira hugs Ramona. Ramona tells her that she knows she loves Karan and as he is her husband, she will keep Karva Chauth fast for Karan. So she brought sweets for her so that Luthra’s can add in their Sargi.

Sarla is shocked to know that Preeta’s right is given to Mahira and the Luthra’s did not even object to her.
Sarla asks them to stop. Sarla tells them that Ramona is asking Mahira to fast for Karan, but she doesn’t have the right to fast for Karan. Preeta is Karan’s wife, and she will be keeping fast for Karan. Mahira tells Sarla that she is Karan’s wife and Sarla has no right to stop her.

Sarla says that Mahira is not even married to Karan and still she is keeping fast for Karan, and strange that no Luthra members are objecting to her on that.
Sarla and Ramona argue. Dadi goes into the kitchen and gets oil and spills it over herself.

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