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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 826 13th November 2020, we see that Sarla is ashamed of herself as she was the reason Dadi spilled kerosene on herself. She apologizes to Dadi and says that she got scared if something wrong would happen. Karan hugs Sarla and says that it was not her mistake.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep 826 13th November 2020: Karan and Sarla hug and patch up

The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Dadi spilling kerosene on herself and shouts that she does not want to see the fights anymore. Karan and Rishab tell everyone that no more fights now and stop Dadi.

Later Preeta asks Sarla why she had to argue with Ramona. Sarla says she was arguing for her daughter who did not care to inform her that her rights were given to Mahira. Preeta says that she did not know that Mahira is keeping fast for Karan, she learned it sometime before Sarla arrived.

Sarla is ashamed of herself. Sarla says that she argued with Ramona which led Dadi trying to end her life by pouring kerosene on her. Sarla says that before she leaves, she wants to apologize to Dadi. She asks Srishti to get an auto till then she will meet Dadi.

Meanwhile, Ramona is angry about whatever happens. She says that if Dadi would have not done the melodrama then she would have shown Sarla her stand. Mahira asks Ramona if she has to keep fast for Karan or not. Ramona says that she has to keep the fast for Karan as she is his wife.

Ramona comes up with a plan to teach a lesson to Preeta for not letting Mahira marry Karan. Sherlyn cannot believe that Ramona can fall to such an extent.
Ramona goes to Dadi and apologizes to her. She says that if she would have not spilled kerosene on her then Ramona would have shown Sarla her worth. Then Ramona apologizes to Karan and asks them to take care of Mahira.

Sarla comes to Dadi and apologizes to her that it was all because of her. Sarla says that she never wanted this, but she was arguing for Preeta’s right. Sarla says that when Dadi asked them to stop, she should have respected her.

Karan tells Sarla that it is not her fault. Karan says that he is her son-in-law and says that it’s not Sarla’s mistake. Sarla gets happy and hugs Karan. Sarla leaves

Karan thinks that Mahira should not be in this house.

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