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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode827 16th November 2020, we see that Dadi tells Karan that Preeta will be keeping fast for him, so Dadi wants Karan to behave properly with Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep 827 16th November 2020: Dadi asks Karan to treat Preeta well

The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Karina scolding Dadi for taking such a big step. Dadi wants to explain whatever happened but Karina is not listening. Later, Kritika tells Dadi that she loves, and asks her why she took such a step.
Dadi asks both of them to keep quiet and tells them that if kerosene’s few drops are put on someone then it smells bad. And today she put kerosene on her full body, did it smell like kerosene? Dadi tells Karina and Kritika that it was water and not kerosene.

Later, Dadi asks Kritika to call Karan as she wants to talk to him. Karan arrives in Dadi’s room. Dadi tells Karan that tomorrow as they have Karva Chauth fast, Preeta will be keeping fast for him. Dadi asks Karan to treat Peeta well, as she will be keeping fast and might get angry for small reasons. Karan says that he will not tease Peeta.

Karina silently wishes that if Karan would have married Mahira, then she would be happy.

Meanwhile, in another room, Sherlyn feels that Mahira can go to any limits. She wishes to be like Mahira. Mahira says that this time she will take a real wedding round with Karan and be his wife.

Sherlyn says that she is sure that Ramona’s plan will work and Karan will forever in Mahira’s life. Also, Karan will throw Preeta out of the house.

Meanwhile, Srishti tells Janki whatever happened at Luthra’s house.

Later, Preeta asks Karan why he is looking at her and if he wants to say something. Preeta asks Karan if he is angry with whatever happened today. Karan says that it was not Sarla’s mistake.

Karan asks Preeta why she did not speak up for her mother.

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