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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 838 30th November 2020, we see that Mahira tells Preeta how they mixed poison in Sarla's laddus and accused her of killing Sherlyn and her baby.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep 838 30th November 2020: Preeta slaps Mahira

The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Sherlyn telling Preeta that they will move to the court and Sarla has to suffer as Preeta doesn’t have any proof which can prove Sarla innocent. Mahira tells Preeta that they were behind sending Sarla to jail. Mahira says that they switched off the CCTV and then poisoned Sarla’s laddus. Preeta gets angry and slaps Mahira.

Meanwhile, Srishti goes to meet Sarla and consoles her that she will surely get Sarla out from the jail. Sarla says that it’s for the 1st time Srishti is trying to help Sarla or every time Sarla has to come to help Srishti. Sarla asks Srishti to keep Preeta away from everything and let her concentrate on her Karwachauth.

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Coming back, Preeta in anger goes to slap Sherlyn. Then Preeta says that she was already not a nice person and now with Mahira, she got worse.
Mahira asks Preeta to break her fast as she looks tired and weak. Preeta says that Mahira wants to break Preeta’s fast so that she can do all the rituals with Karan.

Preeta says that she kept Karwa Chauth fast the previous year also and broke her fast from Karan’s hand only. So this year, Preeta will keep fast for her husband and will break her fast with Karan only.

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Later, Ramona enters the Luthra house. Ramona goes to Rishabh and tells him that he must be worried. Rishabh tells Ramona that he is not worried at all, because he believes Sarla cannot do anything like that.

Preeta comes for the ritual. Rakhi goes to Preeta and says that she is happy that Preeta fulfilled all her responsibilities, even when she has problems going on in her life. Rakhi says that Karan’s wife is Preeta and they can start the pooja.

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Later, Rishabh takes Sherlyn in the room and apologizes to her. Also, he says that Sarla is like her mother and will not like it if she stays in the police station for long.

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