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Kundali Bhagya Written Update, Episode 807 22nd October 2020, we will see Preeta threatening Sherlyn to have a secret affair with Prithvi and trying to kill Janki Aunty. Karan and Preeta have a sweet time together.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update, Ep807 22nd October 2020: Preeta Threatens Sherlyn

In the start, Sherlyn and Preeta are arguing. Sherlyn says that Preeta always talks of correcting relations but this is not the case as she has not accepted her. She says that it takes two hands for clapping, but Preeta says that one can only use a single hand to make a snap and if she told everyone the truth about her then she won’t get another family like the Luthra’s.

Preeta says that she doesn’t want anyone to suffer in the family. Preeta asks Sherlyn what relation she has with Prithvi. Preeta mentions that how Sherlyn was with Prithvi once and Janki Aunty saw her. When you came to know that Janki Aunty knew about the relationship with Prithvi both tried to kill her in Prithvi’s house. Janki Aunty lost her memory however she has regained her memory and she told her everything about the relationship with Prithvi. Sherlyn is glad that she doesn’t know they are still having an affair.

Rakhi thinks that Preeta was kidnapped. Rakhi thinks that she should go and tell Maira that she has to go from their house. Karan is playing. Preeta enters, he shouts which shocks Preeta. Peeta is feeling cold, she asks Karan to increase the temperature or turn off the AC. Preeta sees the remote but Karan doesn’t give it to her. Preeta falls on Karan and they just stare into each other’s eyes.

PRECAP: Karan asks for the remote from Preeta. Rakhi wants Maira to go back to her house.

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