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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode 812 28th October 2020 we see that Karan pulls Preeta closer to him and Preeta tells him that he cannot touch her unless she permits him

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep812 28th October 2020: Nimmi attends Karan and Preeta’s function

The episode starts with Preeta sitting with Mahesh and saying that she has come to his house and now she will soon prove that she is his daughter, she asks him to wake up as he has been resting for a long time and he has to take back the responsibilities. Rakhi is standing behind Preeta, Preeta says that she knows they have accepted her as their daughter-in-law and so she asks Mahira to leave.

Preeta is in the kitchen and Karan arrives, Karan thinks that Preeta is calling him sugar and then he says that he had a girlfriend and she also used to call him sugar. Karan later takes an apple and touches her, Preeta gets mad at him and says that he cannot touch her without her permission, Karan pulls Preeta closer and asks her how she feels when he touches her, she mentions that he should not touch her until she allows him to and leaves the kitchen.

Sherlyn tells Preeta that she is elder than her, and Preeta has to respect her, Preeta replies saying that respect is earned and not asked. Later on, Nimmi orders Preeta to get ready as the guests will arrive at any moment, and Rakhi orders Sherlyn.

Nimmi doesn’t like Peeta and asks Rakhi if she found Preeta for Karan.

PRECAP: Nimmi asks Karan if he bought a gift for Preeta or not, because as a ritual groom has to gift something to his bride.

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