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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode816 2nd November 2020, we see that Srishti and Sameer want to find some information but, they notice that whenever they try talking to the doctor, she is taken away. The lawyer calls Karan and informs him that the situation has gotten worse.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep816 2nd November 2020: Karan is in trouble

The episode starts with Pawan waiting outside Arora’s house wondering that if they see him they might get him arrested. Sarla wakes up and inquires where Srishti is as she promised that she won’t leave her. Janki says that Srishti left without saying anything. Pawan hears the conversation and thinks that he wastes his time coming there.

Srishti reaches the hospital and meets Preeta. Preeta asks her how she got to the hospital, then she looks at Sameer and realizes that it was him. Preeta reaches the cabin with Srishti and Sameer, a person stops them and says that the doctor is tired and they cannot meet her. Rishab and Karan arrive and ask what happened, Preeta replies that they wanted to meet the doctor but now they can’t. Preeta asks Sameer to take out information as much as they can as they might need it. Rishab asks Preeta to be with the entire family.

Preeta asks Karan not to worry and stay calm or else the situation may get more tense. Prithvi (dressed in doctor attire) asks the inspector to come with him as he has some information to share. Srishti and Sameer are waiting for the doctor. As soon as they meet the doctor a person comes and takes her away. Srishti gets suspicious and tells Sameer that whenever they try to meet the doctor, she is taken away.
Prithvi tries to convince the inspector saying that he is not arresting Karan after knowing everything.

Karan gets the lawyer’s call. The lawyer says that they know how to judge as the situation has gotten worse.

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