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In Kundali Bhagya Written Update Episode837 27th November 2020, we see that after lots of drama, Mahira convince Dadi and Karina that Sarla tried to kill Sherlyn's baby. The doctor also confirms that poison was mixed in the laddus which Sarla brought.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep837 27th October 2020: Sherlyn and Mahira succeed in their plan

The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Karina taking Karan and Rishabh to the police station.
Shrishti gets upset and rushes towards the police station. Karan and Rishabh follow her while Dadi feels unconscious seeing the drama.

Later, Mahira gets happy and hugs Sherlyn. Both are excited as they won the game and made Sarla and Preeta suffer.
Karan and Rishabh take Dadi to her room. They ask Dadi not to worry.

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Karina tells Dadi that Sherlyn was right.
Rishabh says that they should not discuss it now. Rishabh says that if Preeta knew that the laddus were poisoned, then she would have never eaten the laddus. Also, Sarla can’t harm her daughter and can’t think of harming anyone.

Rakhi says that Sarla must have unintentionally mixed some expired ingredient. Karina taunts Rakhi.
Later, Dadi tells Rakhi that she did everything that she promised to Rakhi. Then Dadi asks everyone to gather so that they can do further rituals. Rakhi asks Dadi to wait for Preeta as it was her 1st Karwachauth. Dadi says that Preeta did not respect them and her relation with Karan, they asked her to rest yet she went out.

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Preeta comes home and thinks about Sarla’s advice. She says that she has to take care of her marriage.
Preeta goes into Mahira’s room. Preeta says that they must be happy as their plan got succeeded. She says that those who make others suffer, cry themselves as well.

Mahira is happy that Preeta is hurt and crying. She asks Preeta to break her fast. Preeta says that she will not break her fast as she kept fast for her husband, Karan.

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