Kundali Bhagya 12 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Sherlyn dreams about getting caught and gets scared

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Today’s Kundali Bhagya 12 July episode begins with Sherlyn thinking that she did not want to go to jail. She tried to run away but Preeta (Shraddha Arya) showed up at the door. She slapped Sherlyn and stopped her from leaving. Sherlyn saw the whole Luthra and Arora family gathered behind Preeta. They forced Sherlyn to walk back into the house. Sherlyn told the Luthra’s that she needed another chance.

Rishabh agreed to listen to her if Sherlyn could prove she was not pregnant. Sherlyn tried to tell Rishabh that it was his kid but no one believed her. She tried to run away. She grabbed a knife and held it at Preeta’s neck. Sherlyn admitted that she was pregnant with Preeta’s kid. Preeta tricked Sherlyn and got away from the knife.

Sherlyn was surrounded by Luthra’s as they took turns to slap her before taking her to jail where they said Prithvi was already arrested. Sherlyn begged them to stop. Sherlyn couldn’t think a way out of the situation and called up Prithvi to help her. Sherlyn realized that she was on her bedroom floor and she was only dreaming about it in her mind. Sherlyn thought everything was ruined. She called up Prithvi to ask for help. Rakhi called Mahesh to find out where he was. He told her that he was going to say sorry to Preeta for treating her and her family the wrong way. The written update of 12 July 2019 Kundali Bhagya episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, watch Prithvi instructed his goons to kill Mahesh. Stay tuned!

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