In today’s episode, we can see Meet ringing the doorbell. Meet Ahlawat claims he doesn’t know why she returned home and tells Manushi to hide since he doesn’t want any drama in the house, so he’ll pretend to be her husband and conceal her beneath the table. Meet tries to convince him that she loves him, but Meet Ahlawat inadvertently pushes a candle, which ignites the carpet, causing Manushi to emerge from her hiding location and hug Meet Ahlawat. Meet is taken aback when Meet Ahlawat grabs Manushi. Meet is distraught and sobs as he leaves the location. Meet Ahlawat emerges from the automobile and sits behind her, insisting on her wearing a seat belt and asking her to slow down. Everything is out, according to Meet Ahlawat, therefore I’m telling you that I went to eat with Manushi and asked Kavya to back off so I could ramp stroll with Manushi. Meet pulls over to the side of the road and inquires about Manushi’s feelings.

Meet Ahlawat, who declares his love for Manushi. When Meet gets out of the car, he thinks to himself, “I’ve always loved Manushi, so why do you fall for him?”. Meet informs you that Manushi is not the right person for you and that I will expose her.

Meet Ahlawat says I’m going to break your heart, but I won’t. Meet denies it, but Meet Ahlawat insists that she perform the task for him. Meet Ahlawat is heartbroken for injuring Meet, but he believes it is necessary because I won’t let anyone take your rights away from you, and tomorrow your kindness and Manushi’s true face will be shown, and everything will be OK once I have your house documents.