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MTV Roadies 28 April 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how two contestants leave crying because they miss their chance to be with gang leader Prince Narula.

MTV Roadies 28 April 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Prince Narula is favorite gang leader

Today’s MTV Roadies 28 April episode starts with the Roadies discussing vote-outs. Gang leader Neha Dhupia has the power to select one member from any gang and transfer them to a gang of her choice. Prince thinks Neha will select either Tarun or Tara and talks to them about it. He tells Tara to outright refuse Neha is she happens to take him in her gang.

The vote-outs begin with eight non-immune Roadies.

Rachel starts with expressing his disappointment about losing the task and playfully mocks Nikhal Chinapa for losing a math task which results in laughter among everyone.

When it’s time for Neha to choose members for her gang, Tarun and Tara come forward and express their desire to be a part of Prince’s gang. Roadies Sandeep and Nikhil also pitch themselves before Neha.

Neha ends up selecting Tara but he refuses saying that he won’t be able to fully commit himself to Neha’s gang since he will always support Prince. Gang leader Sandeep Singh reminds Tara that during auditions he had promised he’d support Neha. Raftaar joins in to question Tara while Prince supports him.

Neha tells him that there’s no guarantee she will send him to Prince’s gang and warns him that she will vote him out personally if he is so resolute in his decision to join with Prince’s gang only. She also asks the other Roadies if they are adamant in joining only a particular gang. This time Tarun speaks up and tells her that he auditioned for Roadies with the intention to join Prince’s gang.

Tarun and Tara have an emotional breakdown which in turn causes Prince to get emotional too. Nikhil asks the Roadies to stop behaving like kids.

Neha understands their love for Prince but tells them that in Roadies, nothing will ever come easily to them. She finalizes her decision and sticks with Tara. Rannvijay asks Tara to either join Neha or leave the show. This, once again, causes Tara to break down. Prince comforts him and promises him to bring him to his team.

Neha plays her cards and sends Tarun to Sandeep’s team which angers Prince. He goes to Rannvijay to discuss this. He almost walks out of the show but comes back in the end.

Tarun makes the decision to go home. Prince calms him down and gives him back him dog tag.

When it’s Prince’s turn to choose, he selects Ankita in his gang. Then the vote out begins and Niharika gets voted out.

The morning after the vote out starts with a fight between Tara, Tarun, Rachel and Xercis while the other Roadies try to stop it.

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