Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how due to the roof leaking sameer and Naina have to live separately.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17 June 2019 Written Update: Sameer and Naina live away from each other

Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17 June episode begins with Gopal asking them who slept in the room. Naina (Ashi Singh) said she and Papa while Rakesh and Sameer (Randeep Rai) took each other’s name. Everyone looked at them suspiciously. Rakesh said Naina and he slept in room while Sameer slept outside in hall. Gopal said the ceiling would fall on Sameer’s house. Rakesh argued how it can happen. Shubham offered to get the tiles fixed with a heavy heart. Everyone liked the idea. Vanita pointed out that Naina and Sameer should not stay in the same room. Nirmala ji suggested that Sameer should stay back while Rakesh and Naina can go back to Ahmedabad. Sameer denied. Papa sent him there as he was there. Nirmala ji suggested him to manage for a month but even Gopal and Rakesh were not in for this idea. Neither of them agreed upon leaving the other alone. Vanita suggested Sameer to stay at Nirmala ji’s place till the time the work was done. Sameer said he didn’t want to cause inconvenience to them. Vanita said they didn’t mind. Shubham spoke of economics but Nirmala ji told him she cannot say anything right now. They accepted the decision half heartedly. Sameer and Naina looked at each other.

Nirmala ji said no one used to even drink water from the house of their in-laws while now they had to keep the SIL there. Preeti noticed Shubham calculating something. He said he had to figure out the expenses. Preeti said she can go to Ahmedabad. It will be balanced then. She very smartly convinced her MIL to let Sameer stay there. Naina packed Sameer’s bag with a heavy heart. Rakesh looked at their sad faces. Rakesh switched off radio.

He reminded them that their faces look sad enough to ignite doubt in everyone’s mind. Sameer asked him if he was sure but Rakesh denied. Sameer told Naina one must never ask for dowry in wedding. Rakesh asked him what he said. Sameer lied that he will miss him. Rakesh said he knew that. He went inside. Naina hugged Sameer from behind. Naina told him not to give up ever. He agreed. Tomorrow was yet to come. She added that they had to make small sacrifices to achieve something big. He told her to always remember never to cry. She nodded and hugged him..

Naina looked on sadly as Sameer went downstairs. Shivani greeted Sameer but he saif bye to her. She understood that he was sad as he had to leave his house. He agreed. She told him not to go to Nirmala aunty’s house. He will ask Bhabhi to let him stay at his home. He said they were his relatives. Tanvi was watching TV. Sameer rang the bell. Meanwhile, Nirmala ji told Preeti to focus on her work like a good DIL. Amma rang the bell. Sameer greeted everyone as he came in. Preeti said she will bring tea but Nirmala ji coughed. He was a family member and will stay there for a month. She took him to his room. Sameer seemed uncomfortable and sad. She told him that he and Naina could visit each other anytime and not to be formal at all.

Nirmala ji told him to think of this as his own house. Since he had come to Mumbai, she felt she had 3 kids. He denied lunch when offered. She asked Preeti to cook food for Sameer from tomorrow. Preeti nodded. She knew his likes and dislikes very well. Nirmala ji reminded her she had told her outside. He was a family member. He will eat what we will eat. She took Preeti outside with her.

Naina looked at the empty room and the leaking roof. Sameer also stared blankly. He noticed Naina standing sadly in the balcony. She too noticed him looking at her. He called her on the landline. She ran inside and was almost about to step on a sleeping Rakesh but stopped herself somehow. She took the phone to the balcony.

Naina shot a long list of questions at Sameer as soon as she picked the phone. He told her everything was fine. It was just that she wasn’t there. She asked him if she should come to him. He said if she remembered how they used to meet stealthily before wedding. She called it the most beautiful moments of their life. He said they got to live that again. They spent the night talking to each other. The written update of 17 June 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai watch how Sameer and Naina try to call each other at the same time so they can’t connect. Stay tuned!

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