Anita Hassanandani speaks about her new web-series with Ritvik Dhanjani.

ALTBalaji’s Galti Se Mis-Tech is special, as I had to come out of my comfort zone to play the role: Anita Hassanandani

Popular actress Anita Hassanandani will be seen in a very different space and role in ALTBalaji’s upcoming web-series ‘Galti Se Mis-Tech’.

Claiming this to be one of her most enjoyable shows so far, Anita says, “I have never done such a role before. It is in a real, fun and different space altogether. I am excited to see how people will like it and enjoy it as I loved being part of it. Also, this is indeed special as I have come out of my comfort zone to play this role.”

Galti Se Mis-Tech is the story of a couple, Shivam and Dhara who face technology goof-ups which really put them off in their relationship.

“The two of them face certain technology glitches in every episode, and how their relationship goes for a toss owing to this makes for a fun watch,” she states.

Talking about her character Dhara, she states, “She is a fun-loving girl, bit nagging too. She is a typical girl friend who complains about everything to her lover. They share a very cute relationship amidst all the technical glitches they face.”

Anita is happy as she got the opportunity to work with very good friend Ritvik Dhanjani in the series. “It was amazing to work with Ritvik. Being friends helps so much and since this series was all about chemistry between the couple, work was so easy. He’s a great co-star to work with; very supportive, and we have worked really hard to pull this off. I just hope people love it,” Anita avers.

Talking about her very successful stint as Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Anita states, “I am happy with where I stand from the day the show started. It’s done well for all of us. I feel lucky to be part of this successful show. Shagun has had a lot of variations to portray. It is the perfect part for an actor; from being bitchy to being a supportive friend, there has been a lot to do for me.”

On the growth of TV and web today, she quips, “TV has a lot to evolve. As far as the web goes, the platform has been a lot more open to experimenting and doing stuff out of the box. I am surely blessed to be a part of both the ranges. I love acting, and medium does not matter for me.”

On her blissful married life with Rohit, she says, “My happy personal space makes me want to do better at work. My husband has been super supportive. I totally give him the credit for me doing well. And yes, Rohit is my lucky charm. I believe that I have started doing better in my career after marriage.”

Way to go, Anita!!

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