Maushmi Udeshi, the model turned content maker for the digital platform gets into a conversation...

Digital is the new in-thing, as no one has the time to watch TV: Maushmi Udeshi

Sexy model and actress, Maushmi Udeshi, is smitten by the digital bug. Her latest short film, Not Applicable, having a strong women empowerment theme, has just been uploaded on YouTube.

“Although my pregnant lead character is betrayed by her boyfriend, she decides against abortion, for she is independent and strong enough to take care of her child on her own. She does not need the father’s name, hence the title”, says Maushmi, who has been a successful model and music video actor (Neele Neele Ambar Par- BMG Crescendo and Bali Sagoo’s Noorie). She had also done a few films.

“I give full credit to editor and director Saurabh Chaudhary for his efforts in Not Applicable. Do watch our four-to- five-minute labour of love,” she avers.

Maushmi, who has done several shorts, feels, “Digital is the new in-thing. Today, no one has the time to watch TV, being glued to our laptop or phones. So watching short films online not only provides meaningful entertainment, but also gives talking points to converse with friends.”

Maushmi had recently also done an episodic on Dangal TV, called Crime Alert.

Given that YouTube is full of all kinds of video, how can your content stand out? “It all boils down to having a good story with a message. Today, people think that adding sex is enough, but no one watches such stuff. The web collaborating with thinking actors can finally fill the yawning gap between TV and films.”

Maushmi’s last well-known short, Stolen Christmas, released last year, getting over 16 lac views. “It talked about a chawl-living Christian couple, who hire a hotel room every year on their Christmas Eve wedding anniversary, in order to have some privacy. My character feels a lot of guilt for leaving her kids with the in-laws, but then the happiness she gets by spending time with her husband more than makes up for it. It is very important for any couple to enjoy intimacy, which is not possible for millions of not- so-well- off Indians, living in clustered housing.”

“Prior to that, ‘The Tight-rope Walker was officially selected in the Venice Film Festival. Next, I have a horror comedy, titled Her Compulsion, which will soon release as part of an upcoming app. I have a very hot avatar there. Interestingly, my character is that of a simple housewife. It is pure entertainment, directed by well-known film director, Bhavin Wadia.”

Way to go, Maushmi!!

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