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TikTok queen Aashika Bhatia has shot to fame and her fans could not have loved her more than they already do.

Everything you should know about Tik tok Queen Aashika Bhatia

One if the most recent trends that millennials have kept up with and how is none other than the app, TikTok and wethink this platofrm is bringing some great talent in the limelight. Aashika Bhatia was born in Surat Gujarat. She is 19 years old as of 2019 and is already a throbbing star in the industry, who shot to fame from the app TikTok.

Here are some things you would live to know about Aashika Bhatia:

  • Her elementary schooling was done in Gujarat and then she moved on to Mumbai to continue with her higher studies.


  • She was very passionate about acting from a very early age and she started trying to take part in acting professions from the age of 9 and was happy to be a part of any gig and take up any role that would hekp her start her acting career.


  • Bhatia’s parents took a separation and since then she and her brother, Dev Bhatia lives with their mother Minu Bhatia, who happens to run a beauty salon in Surat.


  • Aashika is allegedly dating another famous TikTok star Satvik Sankyan, but there has been nothing so far to testify that rumour.


  • She started her career with NDTV’s “Meera” in 2009. She earned huge public appreciation in “Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi.” for portraying the role of “Ginni”.


  • Her hobbies include singing and dancing which paved the way of her being a tiktok Queen.

Everything you should know about Tik tok Queen Aashika Bhatia

Aashita Bhatia sure is a millennials queen when it comes to her fame on TikTok and we have happily munched on all her appearances so far. We are hoping that this lovely lass makes it on the silver screen and is always around for us to cheer on! This Ginni is always going to be welcome on our TV screens now isn’t she?

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