Ekta Kapoor Says She Won’t Take Hindustani Bhau’s CyberBullying Lying down

If he can put out my nudes on the net, call me a prostitute, then this can happen to any girl: Ekta Kapoor

Producer Ekta Kapoor is in no mood buckle under the pressure being put on her by Bigg Boss contestant and self-styled nationalist Hindustani Bhau (real name Vikas Jairam Pathak).

It all started when the Bigg Boss contestant pulled up Ekta Kapoor for insulting the Indian army in an uncensored web series called XXX. But now, according to Kapoor, the matter has gone far beyond apologizing to the army.

“Because I’d have done that anyway, we’ve no problem with that…Respecting the army is what I do. But this is no longer about the army,” she says when in fact it is just that. If she had been more careful with the content of her serial, this chap would not have got an opportunity to attack her.

The matter is not so easily solvable any more. There are voices of protest and FIRs from all over the country. Hindustani Bhau has succeeded in channelizing a miniature movement against what he sees as Ekta Kapoor’s anti-national content.

“This gentleman who thinks he is the patriot of the year says he wants to rape me, my 71-year old mother, my son(!!!) …If he can put out my nudes on the net, call me a randi (prostitute) then this can happen to any girl,” says Ekta righteously.

In other words, she is now fighting for all the girls and women who are cyber-bullied.

Ekta says she won’t “be the lowest-hanging fruit” and won’t have her “nose rubbed in the ground.”

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