Read to know why it’s crucial to follow Ashi Singh, Sameeksha Sud on Insta Reel

Reasons to Follow Ashi Singh and Sameeksha Sud Kaur on Insta Reel

Well, with the ban on TikTok, Instagram Reels took over like a boss! It is already famous amongst the former TikTokers and other Instagram users as well. People are loving it more and with Ashi Singh and Sameeksha Sud joining it, the craze is counting more!

Ashi Singh, the very new Yasmine in the TV show, Aladdin-Naam Toh Suna Hoga is all viral on social media with her coolest vibes and style. People are loving her new Yasmine avatar and we too, undoubtedly. And her Instagram scenes are absolutely tempting to watch and which gives us enough reason to follow her on the reels too. Where we will be able to see the real Ashi Singh, improvising to some the grand songs.

Sameeksha Sud is love. She is a brilliant TV actress and is known for her awesome acting flairs. She also joined TikTok and earned millions of followers on the platform as well. She is also a pivotal part of the team, TeentiGada. But with the TikTok ban, we dearly miss Sameeksha Sud on the platform, every day. But with Instagram Reels popping up, she is all there to wow us with her content there too, so if you are a Sameeksha fan you need to visit her Instagram reels too!

Let us know in the comments below that how far you enjoyed them on the brand-new platform!

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