TikTok queen Aashika Bhatia has transformed from her Hindi television soap days and we simply can’t believe our eyes!

The stunning transformation of Tik Tok star Aashika Bhatia

Tik Tok has been a platform for many talents in India and all over the globe, and it has given aspiring youth a chance to showcase their talents on the right platform. Many risings stars of tomorrow are born from the video-sharing app and some of those faces are quite familiar because they are none other than our television stars, who we have grown up watching! However, some stars have without a doubt, managed to change their image so much that it has become totally difficult to recognize them now.

One such story is that of the fame that television actress Aashika Bhatia has garnered through this platform. She is one of the actresses who started this trend in the industry itself, long before TikTok was even a thing. As a child actress Aashika Bhatia worked in TV shows like Meera and Parvarrish, where she played leading roles and wowed one and all with her genuine acting chops and sweet and innocent character portrayal.

From a young girl that we all saw on TV shows to her present-day self, Aashika looks nothing like the roles she played, in real life. The nineteen-year-old went through a glamorous transformation and became the persona you see in TikTok videos today and we have to admit that she has completely revamped her image from the innocent child on tv to the glam icon who we look up to for style tips. It is almost hard to recognize her today if you were used to watching her in those daily soaps. From being the child we all loved to the glamorous diva, her transformation in her teen years has been remarkable. Aashika was also seen on-screen in shows like Ek Shringar – Swabhimaan and two episodes of Gumraah in 2012.

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