Bigg Boss season is back! The second half of the past few years have been special for the Bigg Boss fandom out there where instead of just biting their nails in anticipation and feeling like the Pablo Escobar meme from Narcos as to what do they do when there is no Bigg Boss on TV – they now have so much to look forward to. What used to be three to four months of televised Bigg Boss has now upped the ante and produced two incredibly successful seasons of Bigg Boss OTT.

The last season garnered immense traction, conversation and love from everywhere, as Elvish Yadav won the season thus also becoming the first wild card to do so. But enough about that. We are now just days away from Bigg Boss OTT 3 and it is no more a secret that the only jhakaas man himself, Anil Kapoor is the new host.

But for a show that has worked wonders and been consistently successful under the realm of Salman Khan for all these years – a change in host always raises questions. Is Anil Kapoor indeed the best choice to be the new host of the show?

Speaking His Mind & No Need To Demand Respect

Is Anil Kapoor a ‘jhakkas’ choice to host ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’? We dissect 898557

One of the key reasons for Khan’s success over the years has been the respect that he doesn’t demand but has earned and comes naturally to all the contestants. The respect transpires into fear as well, where we have seen how, an array of times, the contestants are hesitant to do or say something questionable purely because it will lead to a firing session from Khan on the weekend or have a repercussion that they wouldn’t like. To say that Anil Kapoor has the same respect would be an understatement. The man, who boasts of a career spanning over four decades holds an unsaid and genuine respect from peers and industry people alike. The contestants won’t need gentle or not-so-gentle reminders about ‘who is the host of this season’ but just an appearance or a sentence from Anil Kapoor might do the trick.

Kapoor is also known to not beat around the bush and speak his mind without any inhibition. To be the senior authority he is and have the gravitas he does, we can rest assured that the contestants would think twice before messing with him.

Ekdum Jhakaas!

Anil Kapoor’s antics are enough to leave anyone in splits – and that is the beauty of the man. For someone, who holds a presence in the industry that is unparalleled to none, he is hilarious, expressive and even self-deprecating when needed. Bigg Boss isn’t just about the fights and firings, jabs and juxtapositions but also about the fun, laughter and even subtle roasting that takes place. Who better than the jhakaas man Anil Kapoor to be right up the alley and lead everyone to have a good time!

Swagger & Possible Reunion?

Is Anil Kapoor a ‘jhakkas’ choice to host ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’? We dissect 898554

And while it might seem inconsequential to many, Kapoor holds and exhibits a swagger that people continue to be envious about. Always seeming to be ageing in reverse, Kapoor’s indomitable spirit and swagger are unmatched and one that fits in perfectly for a show like Bigg Boss OTT. To be appearing with a personality does half the job and with one like Kapoor, it only becomes easier. Also, the camaraderie and friendship that Kapoor and Salman Khan share are known to everyone – and where the former has made several appearances on the televised version of Bigg Boss when the latter is the host, to explore the opportunity of the tables being turned and have a reunion for them in this new capacity would be a dream for the fans of the show and the men themselves.

So, is Anil Kapoor indeed a good choice to host Bigg Boss OTT 3? There doesn’t seem to be any reason why not.