My Mother’s Wedding will leave you teary eyed…

Review of My Mother’s Wedding: Gamut of human emotion

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.” This famous quote from the movie Forrest Gump floats into your mind’s imagery while watching the short film My Mother’s Wedding.

The title draws attention, evokes curiosity.

It was a rather balmy evening when glee-filled hearts and faces walked in at the special screening of My Mother’s Wedding. The ambience exuded warmth and bonhomie with a veneer of optimistic nervous expectation.

All decked and prepped for the occasion was a young lad of 23, Sanil Gosavi, greeting guests, rubbing palms, ushering in well wishers with hugs while beads of sweat rested on his temples.

Why not? It was a big day for his imaginative soul, curtains up on his months’ of hard work.

Talking about the movie, my Mother’s Wedding is filled with emotions to the brim. Delnaaz Irani beings her experience to the table to narrate a tale of a pain-stricken woman (suffering from life’s denials of a failed marriage and loss of young kid in an accident) with maturity and conviction. Known for her comic timing, Delnaaz’s poignant act opens a new dimension to her large acting repertoire, reflective of her ‘yet to be unearthed’ iceberg of potential.

She weeps on screen and tears swell up in everyone’s eyes.

Here, we would not delve too much into the storyline for that would mar the cause. Let’s just put it, My Mother’s Wedding has its roots in modern day living, as well as deep embedded life philosophy of ‘letting go’ and accepting the beautiful journey of human existence. It’s about self liberation and elevating oneself from the scars of past and looking beyond.

Young Sanil, writes, acts, directs and excels in all (acting could have been better). However, the show stealer is the smart writing (oscillates at various levels with intertwining of sub plots). Add to that, performances (thankfully) which are factual not frivolous or fastidious.

The supporting cast of Trupti Khamkar, Ajoy Chakraborty and Abhishek Sharma add cadence to credibility. Special mention of music director Mohit Rao. His compositions elevate the overall pathos in the plot.

My Mother’s Wedding deserves a watch for its powerful performances, mellifluous storytelling and a brave attempt which defies the age old notion, “if youth knew, if age could”. Well done!!!

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