As this year comes to an end,  we have made sure to list down for you some of the most phenomenal actors we have witnessed this year, and chances are you CANNOT disagree!

This year, we have truly come across some of the most talented actors we have ever known, actors who have shown their work so intensely that it has given us the chills. We have listed down our ten favourites this year for you to enjoy.

Angad Bedi and Tanuj Virvani- Inside Edge 2:

We have seen Angad playing the role of Arvind Vashisht while Tanuj plays Vayu Raghavan and both of them have played their roles against each other so commendably that we couldn’t choose between them and just had to list them both here.

Arjun Rampal- Final Call:

In Final Call, we saw one of the most renowned names of Bollywood, Arjun Kapoor flaunt more of his acting skills. He is seen playing the role of Captain Karan Sachdev, an ex-wing commander who is now a pilot. Over the years, the actor has been known for playing serious roles and has stood by that image in this series too.

Dhruv Sehgal- Little Things:

This year we saw the star who moved from YouTube to the Netflix world, Dhruv Sehgal, reaching his peak of success along with his partner Mithila Palkar. The actor has played the role to such precision that several youth can relate to it in some way or the other, and this as an actor is a huge success to really connect with the target audience.

Mayur More- Kota Factory:

This year we discovered another great actor through the web series world. This is Mayur More, with his acting in Kota Factory. He was seen playing the role of Vaibhav, a teenager who has moved from his hometown to Kota just to get trained enough to get into the IITs and the life that comes with it. His acting as well as the story line has been successful in portraying the struggles of a student trying to crack through an exam and the trauma that comes along.

Mohit Raina- Kaafir:

This year we saw a new web series Kaafir, along with its fresh story line, and this also helped us see a wholly different side of Mohit Raina and his acting. He was seen playing the role of Vedant Rathod and was sharing screen space with the lovely Dia Mirza. The actor has really put in a lot of intensity into his role and it is clearly evident in his acting.

Naveen Kasturia- Thinkistan 1:

In the first season of the series itself we found ourselves one of the finest actors,  Naveen Kasturia. He is seen playing his role with such intensity, and all that while sharing screen space with Mandira Bedi.  The actor has really managed to take us through the story of what it takes to get into power.

Pankaj Tripathi- Sacred Games 2:

This year, one of the most famous web series that took the country by storm was Sacred Games, and the fact that it came out with a season two was even more surreal. In this show, we can say that Pankaj Tripathi showed us a whole new side while played the role of Guru Ji. The actor really managed to keep up the mystery factor of the role, which we all enjoyed.

Ronit Roy- Hostages:

This year we also saw Hotstar coming up with another original series which was named Hostages. We saw one of the most intense actors we have ever known in it,  Ronit Roy, and the actor really stood up to his image as a smart and serious guy from the days of TV series Adaalat in this series as well, with the role of SP Preethvee Singh who is an IPS officer.

Sumeet Vyas and Amol Parashar- Tripling 2:

This year we also saw TVF come up with Season 2 of its original series, Tripling. The show really has put forward hilariously the journey of three siblings out to find relations. We see Sumeet and Amol playing the roles of two of three siblings Chandan and Chitvan, and they’ve played that brotherly bond so well and even here we find it hard to separate them.

Vikrant Massey- Criminal Justice:

This year Hotstar cane out with yet another original series called Criminal Justice, and like all other shows,  here too Vikrant Massey has flaunted his flawless acting skills with his role as Aditya and we just could not stop without bringing it up. His acting has been so genuine that it made it look like a real scenario.

These were our picks on the best actors for this year. Let’s hope for more of them next year as well. Let us know what you think below.