Class of 2020 has won the hearts of one and all and Ekta Kapoor announces that the show will see four more new seasons.

Class of 2020 shatters records; Ekta Kapoor announces 4 new seasons

Class of 2020 the ALTBalaji series produced by Vikas Gupta’s Lost Boy Productions has shattered all records in the webspace with its huge popularity and fan following.

The success of Class of 2020 is paramount, and the gripping finale episodes that were streamed recently, proved to be a splendid sixer that took the ball off the ground.

The eagerness to watch the finale episodes was seen all over the social media, with fans sending out messages to the official handle of ALTBalaji, asking them to give out the time of streaming so that they are well aware.

And the climax (which was indeed unpredictable and excellent) won all hearts!!

Kudos to the writing team headed by Vikas Gupta for giving such a crisply woven and intriguing plot.

Now, Ekta Kapoor has made the big announcement on her social media handle stating that shows that do well will have many seasons.

Ekta has stated in her post, “Shows that do well get a season extension. Class of 2020 is such a hit that it will do four seasons.”

Check out her post here.

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