Singer Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi has managed to make a mark on the masses, where apart from her music projects, she continues to be best known for her appearance on Bigg Boss 17.

As the lady celebrates her birthday today, in an exclusive segment with IWMBuzz, Khanzaadi indulged in a sumptuous birthday dinner as we navigated through Fairfield by Marriott, International Airport, Mumbai.

After looking at the delicious options throughout her walk, she opened up on how she loves Indian desserts like ras malai, gulab jamun and so on. After talking about fruits, Khanzaadi couldn’t resist herself as she bounced upon the chaat counter and gorged on a few pani-puris.

Later, she finally sat down for the full meal as she was briefed about the Srilankan meal on display. Eating the first dish, she expressed how flavorful it was. As she kept gorging on the meal, she talked about how she felt spoilt as she is having all these delicious dishes but also mentioned that she loves food and is a foodie, so why not.

Khanzaadi went on to talk about how this was the first time she was indulging in some Srilankan food and she loved it. Sharing an unknown anecdote, she opened up on how her go-to stress-buster food item to order when she is stressed is chocolate cake.

Interviewed by Sweta Gupta

As some momos came around for the next course, the lady opened up on how her mother and her aunt cook some delicious momos and she loved eating that. She also mentioned how when she was younger, they barely ever ordered food from outside and everything was cooked at home. Every day would be like a buffet display when several items were cooked and people would eat from the options.

On an emotional note, Khanzaadi mentioned that no matter what the case, home-cooked food always rules over other factors. The entire dinner ended on the loveliest note possible as she cut the cake as per birthday traditions.

We wish Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi a very Happy Birthday.