The drama inside the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house finally intensified immensely where an unanticipated occurrence took place and led to a violent outcome.

Armaan Malik and Vishal Panday recently had a confrontation that escalated to Armaan slapping Vishal. The incident started when Vishal commented to Lovekesh Kataria about finding Armaan’s wife, Kritika Malik, attractive. A video of their heated argument was shared by the show’s producers on Instagram. In the footage, Armaan confronts Vishal, asking him pointedly, “Is this a recent behavior or have you always been like this?” Vishal clarifies, “I didn’t mean it that way.” Armaan becomes more agitated, remarking, “You never speak up. You act so innocent.”

Later, addressing Lovekesh Kataria, Armaan warns, “Today he talked about my family, tomorrow he will talk about yours.” Vishal challenges Lovekesh, asking, “What did I say to you? Just tell me.” Lovekesh responds, “You whispered that you find my sister-in-law very nice.” Tensions escalate quickly, leading to a physical altercation where Vishal ends up with his hand on his face, exclaiming, “How dare you hit me?” The altercation is interrupted by other housemates before further violence ensues.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, we had content creator Sameeksha Sud, who has collaborated with Vishal Pandey on numerous occasions open up on the saga and express her support. Sud would talk about how unfair it is that Armaan Malik is still in the house despite slapping Vishal among other things.

Q. It is being said that Vishal Pandey is being targeted based on words that he said for Kritika. What do you have to say about it?
I really don’t understand what to say about this. I have been working with Vishal for 5-6 years now. When you work with someone for all this while, you understand the person entirely. We have shot all kinds of romantic videos but never have I ever felt even for one per cent that he saw me or inappropriately talked to me. I know him inside out, and it cannot be possible the way it is being shown on-screen and he has said anything like this. I haven’t seen the episode but only seen a few clips where he is screaming and saying that he swears on his mother that he hasn’t said it in that manner, so what can be bigger than that. If one listens to this entirely and sees the whole picture, one will understand the reality. Watching a short clip might mislead anyone.

Q. Do you feel Lovekesh Kataria ignited the topic even more by saying ‘arre voh toh bhabhi hai’?
Honestly, I don’t care about anyone else in the show except Vishal. I know that he hasn’t said this in the wrong way; whoever does or says anything, I don’t care about it. I am and will offer my support to Vishal and stand by him.

Q. Vishal even went on to say sorry to Armaan and Kritika as well but that is when Armaan lost his cool and slapped him. What do you have to say about that?
Firstly, I want to ask if it has ever happened in Bigg Boss that someone has raised their hand at someone else? I genuinely ask because I usually don’t follow the show.

Yes, it has happened where sometimes a few have been punished, evicted from the house and some have returned as well.
Then why hasn’t Armaan been eliminated, that is my question. If this has happened earlier and people have been ousted from the show, why did this not happen with Armaan this time around?

As known that considering this to be a ‘special case’ of husband and wife, and having a consensus from the rest of the housemates, it has been called off.
I don’t think this is justice but what can I even say. I really don’t understand why isn’t he being eliminated. I was shocked from the first instance itself when I saw Armaan Malik, Kritika Malik and Payal Malik coming in – just how can a person with two wives be coming on national TV as contestants? It is still shocking that after this saga with Vishal, he is still there and hence I believe it is unfair.

Q. Armaan has been going on saying to the other female housemates that despite me, Kritika’s husband being there he is saying such things; you only imagine how and what will say to you? He is trying to manipulate them against Vishal?
I mean that is Bigg Boss, right? People keep talking about and against each other, that is obvious. However, it is so ironic that the person who is giving a character certificate to Vishal is Armaan – it is so ironic. There is absolutely no sense in this.

Interviewed by Sweta Gupta.

Q. Vishal has earlier told Kritika a few times that she looks good, and she looks nice without makeup etc.
If he has indeed said this earlier as well and that has been a case to look at, why wasn’t it blown out of proportion at that time and is being done now? It doesn’t make sense. This Armaan Malik, who slapped Vishal Pandey right now – wasn’t Vishal the one who saved from elimination a few days ago? I guess Kritika and Vishal saved Armaan from nomination at that time. I am the most disappointed by how all this is even being allowed on national television. Vishal is genuinely a nice and simple guy from a simple household, how is it okay to invade his personal space and malign him based on one sentence that isn’t even intended to be a wrong statement? I am at a loss for words how is any of this happening?

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