ALTBalaji’s now streaming series Bekaboo Producer Vaibhav Modi gets into a conversation with

The best part is that people are talking about the thriller aspect in Bekaboo: Producer Vaibhav Modi

Bekaboo the psycho stalker thriller on ALTBalaji is making waves.

The story of a popular writer whose life goes awry when he goes through a series of mishaps that happen because of an obsessed female stalker is picking up pace.

The series is produced by Victor Tango Entertainment, the banner which gave us It’s Not That Simple on Voot and The Story on ZEE5 recently.

We at got into a conversation with Vaibhav Modi, Co-Founder and Producer, Victor Tango Entertainment for a chat on the series Bekaboo.

On the initial response that he has garnered through the thrilling promo and the streaming, he states, “It is very heartening to see that people are very welcoming of it. They are talking very highly about the production values and that the show is looking very good. Nobody is calling Bekaboo as only an X-rated show. People are focusing more on the thriller. I have heard people tell me that they have binge-watched nearly 6-7 episodes in a go.”

As we know, the series is adapted from famous author Novoneel Chakraborty’s bestseller, Black Suits You.

Explaining on how Bekaboo came to him and his banner, he states, “Ekta had identified the book and she called us in to work with the author for the adaptation. First I worked with Novoneel and then produced it.”

On the importance of handling such an erotic story well, Vaibhav explains, “It is important to choose technicians with classy sensibility. Akshay Choubey who is the Director has worked with me on many projects. So with the confidence in him to execute the product with class, the series was in safe hands. Also thriller is a genre where you basically need to push the envelope and have a sound preparation. We were very particular about the class of the look. We had it in mind that we will add in racy sex scenes only where it is required. We also wanted to do such scenes with a lot of good referencing, story boarding etc. We were very conscious of the fact that the there is posterity on the digital platform. Unlike TV, the series on the web are there to stay. So there was a lot at stake and we were extremely cautious about how it is made.”

On the actors, Vaibhav states, “Madhu Sneha, Priya Banerjee, Rajeev Siddhartha,  Anandita have done their part really well. They all went through extensive reading sessions, and they talked a lot amongst themselves. It is a delicate thing when you are showing intimacy. So there was a need to be sensitive about it, and do it properly. All have done a great job. The title song, background music and cinematography have come out well. This is one series it turned out just as we wanted it.”

Victor Tango has been working on both the non-fiction as well as fiction formats and has been versatile enough of moving from one genre to another.

“We take pride in being a writer-oriented team. We spend a lot of time at the script level. We work with very good writers. I being a writer myself, input a lot in the scripts. I get involved in all my shows as a Co-Writer along with being the Producer. So people trust us a lot with certain kind of quality.”

Victor Tango Entertainment has a musical series coming on MX Player. Also, Victor Tango is in the process of making a huge series which will be an inspiring tale of Indian civilian Yemen Rescue operation.

Here’s wishing Bekaboo all the very best!!

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