Aashika Bhatia rocks every color with great panache and grace. But, her go-to is black and for good reason. She looks absolutely ravishing in it.

Aashika Bhatia and her love for black outfits

Aashika Bhatia as a fashion icon has been absolutely incredible. She has been an inspiration to many youngsters. She can pull off any piece of clothing. But, she has a thing for black and we can see why. She looks absolutely beautiful when she dresses up in black. People generally have a thing for black but, she kind of puts it into terms we understand.

She is a very versatile girl as far as her taste in fashion goes. But, her extreme level of affinity towards black is what puts this article in its place.

So, we figure that maybe it was time to actually appreciate her favorite color and the way she looks in it.

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