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ALTBalaji is set to present another yesteryear story with It Happened in Calcutta. Ekta Kapoor recently announced the cast of her latest show.

All you need to know about Alt Balaji’s It Happened in Calcutta

While popular small-screen star Karan Kundrra will play the male lead, newbie Naghma Rizwan has been chosen as the face of the series. Set in ’60s-’70s in the ‘city of joy’, It Happened in Calcutta will revolve around a young girl Kusum, who aspires to become a doctor. She would get into Calcutta Medical College, where she would come across a flamboyant, cocky, arrogant and devastatingly handsome boy Ronobir, and fall in love with him. The turbulent love saga is not the only thing in the series, the series will also touch upon the pertinent events of the time – cholera epidemic and world war.

The producer, Ekta Kapoor, through a social media post, shared that it took more than two years to conceptualize the project. She posted, “Soon in an hour or two launching a fave that’ll launch a 1000 ships naaaah just a show after a 2.5-year wait! #it happened in Calcutta is a love saga based in d ‘60 during the cholera epidemic n than in the ’70s during d war! A love blooming amidst tragedy.”

“It feels really great that AltBalaji has offered me such a wonderful opportunity. The whole 1960s and 70s vibe, Calcutta and of course getting to play this strong and beautiful character Kusum, seems really magical and I feel really connected to it all. I am sure Ekta Kapoor must have seen something in me beyond my exterior beauty and also my potential as an actor and for that, I’m truly grateful to her. If someone sees that spark in you, you got to keep the fire burning. My mother always said I’m a blessed child and now I truly feel it,” quips the elated Naghma.

This is another love story but with a completely different backdrop and we totally excited to see how the story unfolds and how the series will do.

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