Deepika Singh, as ‘Sandhya Bindani’ from the TV drama ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum,’ is quite popular on social networks. She continues to create popular dance videos. Deepika Singh posted a video of herself performing with her spouse on social media.

She may be seen dancing to Guru Randhawa’s song “Dance Meri Rani” in this video. Her spouse may be seen dancing on the same step as her in the video. Deepika tries to stop them, but if they don’t, she kicks them. This video is gaining in popularity. This amusing video has received a lot of likes and comments.

Deepika Singh recently posted a dance video with Neelu Vaghela, her on-screen mother-in-law in the serial, to the popular song ‘Dance Meri Rani.’ Both of their dancing movements were well-liked. Diya Aur Baati Hum garnered a lot of attention for Deepika. Sandhya Rathi, an IPS officer, was her character in this series. Apart from that, Deepika is also a part of the movie. This picture is being directed by her spouse.

Let us inform you that Deepika’s spouse was the show’s director. They were attracted to one other. They later married each other. Deepika is currently working on no special projects. She loves being a mommy. She is the mother of a one-year-old son. She will, however, gradually return to work as the child grows older.