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Know the Facts: Does Aerobic Exercise Help You Lose Weight?

Does Aerobic Exercise Help You Lose Weight? Know The Facts

Aerobic exercises help you burn calories and lose fats. Aerobics also known as Cardio, is one of the best exercise forms to lose weight. Some common cardio exercises are Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming. Aerobics can help you lose weight but it does not have an effect on your muscle mass.

The effects of the exercise for weight loss varies from person to person. Some are gain weight that is actually for gaining muscles and not fats. According to many studies, it is also revealed that aerobic exercise is better for losing belly fat because it burns more calories, as compared to other exercise forms.

For overweight and obese people, it is more time-efficient to do aerobic exercises only. Many studies have concluded the belly fats can even cause higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancer. Aerobic exercises make your heart and lungs work harder and increase the amount of oxygen in your body, and the extra oxygen helps to burn the fat deposits of the body.

You can burn more calories in just one session of intensive aerobics as compared to any other form of exercise. Here are some best aerobic exercises for weight loss:-

1. Sprinters Sit-ups.

2. Corkscrew.

3. Butt Kicks.

4. Jumping Lunges.

5. Donkey Kick.

6. Flutter Kick.

7. Plank Jacks.

8. High Knees.

9. Mountain Climber.

10. Stairs.

11. Bear Crawl.

12. Jumping Jacks.

13. Burpees.

14. Skipping.

15. Jump Squat.

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