Priya Banerjee, who has won hearts with her performances in web shows Baarish, Bekaboo, Hello Mini, Twisted 3, is a fitness freak to the core. And whenever she has time on hand, she does not miss out on hitting the gym and working on her body. In a fun fitness segment, the actress revealed her workout routine, cheat food and more

What is your cheat food?

Biriyani, anyway and every day.

Favourite exercise?

Running for me is like meditation.

Your best morning routine will comprise of

Usually, my morning routine is a nice strong cup of tea and then I start my day with fresh fruits and nuts.

Fruits or juices?


Stairs or lift?

Well, it depends on my mood.

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

Running for sure. I even bought myself a home treadmill so I could just run at home whenever I feel like.

Walking or Jogging

Jogging. I don’t mind brisk walks either.

Your take on health suppliments

I don’t take too many supplements other than my vitamins. I am not too fond of taking pills or shakes but I am sure people who do heavyweights have to take them. I am not against it but I don’t think they are for me.

Best way to burn calories

Cardio of any form. Running or jogging or HIT training, I believe even dancing is a great way to burn calories.

One tip for everyday fitness

Try and give your body at least 30 mins to an hour a day and do your favourite exercise. Our body does so much for us and I feel we owe it at least an hour out of the 24hours to keep it fit and healthy.