Know Types, Benefits, and Weight Loss of Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise: Types, Benefits, and Weight Loss

Cardio exercises also known as aerobic exercise are when you’re doing an activity “with oxygen”. Cardio exercises raise your heart rate.

Some common types of cardio exercises are walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and fitness classes. Cardio machines may include an elliptical, stair climber, rower, upright or recumbent bike, and treadmill. Cardio burns fat and helps you lose weight.

There are various types of cardio exercises like Running, Walking, Stair climbing, Jumping Rope, Kettlebells, Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, High-intensity interval training, Sprinting.

The benefits of Cardio exercises are as follows-

1. Improves cardiovascular health.

2. Lowers blood pressure.

3. Helps regulate blood sugar.

4. Reduces chronic pain.

5. Aids sleep.

6. Lowers stress.

7. Expands lung capacity.

8. Increases bone density.

Cardio is seen to be really helpful in weight loss. Your diet plays an important role in fat loss, as the number of calories you consume should be less than the calories you consume. Your age, body composition, the intensity of workout gender, overall daily activity, and weight also affect how quickly you burn your fats. Studies have also proved that cardio is one of the most effective ways of burning fats.

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