Here are some food items to be avoided during monsoon season

Food To Avoid During Monsoon Season

While the rainy days bring you respite from the heat, it also brings series of infections and the occasional flu with it.

Avoid these food items during rainy days:

  1. Leafy vegetables- Day no to leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and cauliflower this season.
  2. Fruit juices and fruits from roadside vendors- Stick to juice prepared at home and consume it immediately.
  3. Sea food- Consume chicken or mutton instead of sea food. During monsoon, it is the breeding season for fish & prawns so they are best avoided this time of the year.
  4. Fried food- The highly humid monsoon weather causes our digestion process to slow down.
  5. Mushroom- Mushroom should be avoided during rainy days as they are generally grown in damp areas and have to be properly cleaned before consumption.

Even avoid frizzy drinks as they reduce minerals in our body, which leads to reduction of enzyme activity.

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