Check Out Fastest Ways To Do It: How To Get To 50 Pushups?

How To Get To 50 Push-ups? Check Out Fastest Ways To Do It

The push-ups test is said to be an excellent way to strengthen your upper body and endurance. You need to know some basic principles before starting the push-ups tests that explain the science behind the training. By knowing these tips will help you strengthen your body in a safe and systematic way.

Your push-up form should be perfect before you start cranking your multiple repetitions. You should set your baseline repetitions. Do as many push-ups as you can do in 2 minutes and then divide the total by 3, by this you will find out the number of repetitions you need to do in a set. Start your workout routines with some warm-up like a slow jog, cycling on a stationary bike, or jumping rope. Start your push-up workout with basics and then increase 2-3 sets every week.

Add variety to your workout pattern. There is a number of ways your push-ups workout can vary. Keep changing your hand patterns during the repetitions. Start your repetitions with narrow hand placements and progressively widen your hand placement with each set. Try decline push-ups, stability ball push-ups, or plyometric push-ups- to increase intensity. Do hand-release push-ups, or do your push-ups on your knees, on a box or bench, or against a wall- to decrease intensity.

It is essential during push-ups that the last-minute of your push-up workout should be dedicated to improving core strength and stability. In this way, you can get 50 pushups.

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