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Know These Wonderful Health Benefits of Eating Slow

Health Tip Of The Day: Eat More Slowly

Many of us are fast eaters. We are now living in a fast moving world and indeed time waits for no man. In order to co-operate and move with time we tend to eat faster. But is eating fast good for health? Certainly no, the ones who eat fast don’t digest their food properly. While the ones who eat slow can digest their food at faster rate.

There are many studies conducted on the fast eating habit, and many have confirmed that the fast eaters are 11% more likely to develop metabolic syndrome, which is to day three or more risk factors to cardiac diseases like obesity, high levels of bad fats, high HDL cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar.

Eating slowly is surely hard, but has its benefits too. We think we can do it easily, but either the time or our hard hitting habit doesn’t allow us to. So here are few points that will help you eat slowly-

1. Changing your eating environment- Sometimes the environment surrounding us may not allow us to eat slowly, i.e. eating at office or when in hurry. Even when at home many people eat at the kitchen sink, you really need to eat in a proper surrounding.

2. Count your chews- Chewing increases blood flow and gut as well. Counting your chews can simply help you eat slower.

3. Drink water between bites- We often are in haste and just swallow up the bites, drink a sip of water between your bites this helps a lot.

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