Tips to Avoid Bad Workouts Quickly

Quick Tips To Avoid Bad Workouts

Are you spending hours on workout but are not getting satisfactory results? Many times we have bad workout habits but don’t realise them. From lifting too much weight to poor lifting technique, an exercise performed incorrectly means that you’re not getting the benefits you’re looking for, and can even cause pain and injury.

Here are some tips to avoid bad workout-
1. Long workout on moderate pace- We spend hours on workout with moderate pace, Instead go for 30 minutes of nonstop, intense exercise.
2. Lollygagging- Come to gym time a goal of workout. People often go to the gym and set themselves before the mirror and keep on checking themselves. Don’t wander around or text in between the workout breaks.
3. Too much cardio, too little strength training- A quick strength training will get your heart rate up and burn calories quickly and also develop your lean muscle mass.
4. Don’t keep on changing your exercises- Do the same exercises repeatedly, so that your body gets used to it and it becomes easier to burn fats.

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