Zain Imam and his terrific muscle power and great physique, we tell you the secret behind this…

REVEALED!! Zain Imam’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Zain Imam and his stunningly good physique and muscles are God-given, and also as a result of his regimented workout and diet plan are what we can say!!

Talk to Zain Iman and you will always find him health conscious and this is the best aspect about him!!

Zain has enthralled his fans with superlative performances in shows Tashan-E-Ishq, Naamkarann, Ek Bhram – Sarvagunn Sampanna etc.

His recent venture Khatron Ke Khiladi also won his a lot of praise.

It is not surprising that every girl who has seen him has a crush on him!!

Now we tell you what makes him so good at his physique!! It is a well-planned combination of workout and diet.

He uses a lot of functional training routine to get into shape. He has a perfect gym routine too in place. He literally sweats it out while workout to get the rewards that he sees in his perfect body. We have seen him getting injured many a time while working out and we surely know that he does not care about it, and his only motive is to work out to the best of abilities.

In diet, we have seen him say that he eats eggs, brown bread and omelette for breakfast. He will love to eat a meal of rajma, chicken ordeal if he has his cook coming. A man who loves his desserts, he can do anything to eat and relish choco mousse, choco lava and other varieties.

For his muscles, Zain masters in the art of handstands, which helps him in his balance and stamina.

Check out his ripped body and workout regime and you will be envious of his regimented routine for sure!!

REVEALED!! Zain Imam’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan REVEALED!! Zain Imam’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan 1

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