Strengthen your lungs for effective breathing

Tips To Strengthen Your Lungs For Effective Breathing Through Masks

It’s a tough time for everyone as the Coronavirus is rapidly spreading worldwide. We need to improve our strength of lungs through effective breathing. Wearing a mask continuously these days has caused many issues regarding feeling uncomfortable to breath, improper breathing.

Here are some techniques to strengthen your breathing:-

1. For relaxing muscles- Stand straight, now bend forward at waist. Bend your knees slightly, let your arms hang limply, try to touch your fingers to your toes.
Inhale slowly and take a deep breath, and come back to standing position slowly by rolling your body up, lift your head at the last.
Exhale slowly as you take your original position.
Stretch your muscles a little, and repeat.

2. Practice breathing through Diaphragm- It helps you to decrease the amount of oxygen needed, requires less energy to breathe.

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