Vaani Kapoor is regarded as one of the fittest celebrities in the entertainment industry. Being an actress requires a great deal of hard work and devotion. You must keep yourself athletic and toned so that the roles you take complement your personality. Vaani Kapoor has a slim and toned physique. The actress has been working tirelessly to maintain her physique. In addition, she avoids eating unhealthy and junk food. Vaani took the time to upload a workout reel and diet to Instagram to encourage fans to fit in.

Vaani Kapoor’s Diet and Workout Appearance-

The actress appeared casually in a chic white sleeveless deep U-neckline top tucked in grey jeans. In the pictures, she sits on the couch and enjoys her diet meal, which is filled with lettuce leaves, carrots, black olives, strawberries, and red tomatoes. She always focuses on portion control and mindful eating to maintain her physique.

Vaani Kapoor's Toned Physique Secret Unveiled: Discover Her Fitness Regimen 893075

Vaani Kapoor's Toned Physique Secret Unveiled: Discover Her Fitness Regimen 893076

In her workout video, Vaani Kapoor looked stunning in a peach co-ord set. Her routine included a variety of exercises such as one-leg jumping jacks, back lunges, back lunges with hand raise, bent over row, squats, shoulder touch plank, leg raise, and boxing. She ensures that she stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, a practice that supports her intense workouts.

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