Nayanthara and her perfect curves are a result of her fitness regime. Know her fitness secrets here.

Want To Get The Perfect Curvy Figure Like Nayanthara? Know Her Fitness Secrets

Nayanthara the talented actress who has worked in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema is not only beautiful but is also a perfectly in-shape actress.

The actress has done movies Manassinakkare, Ayya, Lakshmi, Chandramukhi, Dubai Seenu, Aadhavan, Simha, Sri Rama Rajyam, Arrambham, Thani Oruvan and many more noteworthy films in South languages.

We also know Nayanthara as a perfectionist when it comes to maintaining her body in shape and in her fitness levels.

We today discuss about her fitness secrets.

Nayanthara has worked out customized dietary plans on herself along with her trainer. All the efforts have borne fruit with her being dedicated to her task. She consumes fruits, eggs, vegetables, lean meats, and avoids processed sugar. She is also keen on consuming good amount of water daily. She loves to have fruit juices, coconut water and soups to keep herself hydrated and fresh.

Her workout regime is mostly heavy wright training. Also she practices yoga.

Check her workout routine here. Video Courtesy – fitnessmag

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