How to get a sexy figure like Disha Patani

Want A SEXY Figure Like Disha Patani? You Must Follow These 3 Simple Gym Workouts

Disha Patani is a queen in the real sense of the term. Whatever she does becomes an instant rage with her fans and admirers and people simply cannot get enough of her. Not only is she a scintillating beauty who’s extremely talented and has shown her mettle on multiple occasions, but she is equally disciplined when it comes to leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Yes, that’s true. Disha currently has one of the best bodies in the Hindi film industry and no wonder she’s all about fitness goals for all young aspirants of the entertainment industry. So how can you achieve a body like Disha Patani? Try out these three special workouts in the gym. Take a look –

Glute Kick Back (3 sets of same repetition)

Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift (2-3 sets of increasing repetition value)

Goblet Squat (3-4 sets of increasing repetition value)

So ladies, try these exercises our for your overall fitness and see your body doing wonders.

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