Farah Khan and Karan Johar are two of the most important people in the Indian film industry, each with their unique style and contributions to the Industry. Their friendship has lasted decades and is characterized by mutual respect and adoration, frequently shown in their public appearances and social media posts. Despite their hectic schedules, they find time to celebrate significant accomplishments and have been seen at various professional events together. Their friendship exemplifies the strong connections within the Industry, going beyond professional competition to reveal deep mutual respect and affection. Recently, Farah Khan shared a video giving a tour of Karan’s massive wardrobe; take a look below.

Farah Khan’s Tour To Karan Johar’s Closet-

Farah shared a hilarious video with Karan in which he gives her a complete tour of his closet. She said, “We are going into Karan Johar’s closet.” Then Karan Johar opened the door and showed her his stunning bedroom with black-and-white theme walls and a white-brown tie-dye bed. They entered his new closet, and she felt “WOW.”

Karan showed up with shimmery and shiny clothes, an array of denim, and some shimmery and designer jackets. He also showed her oversized clothes, a printed jacket, and sparkling outfits, and Farah said, “All dancer clothes you have brought here.” He reacted, “These are not dancer’s clothes; these are high bling.” He showed a gold and black jacket in front of the camera.

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