Visit these 5 romantic destinations with your partner

5 Romantic Destinations You Can Enjoy With Your Partner

We are often confused when trying to make some romantic picnic, on where to go.

Here are some places to visit with your partner:-
1. Srinagar- Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, it is a summer destination on the river bank of river Jhelum. It is mainly famous for its Mughal Garden.

2. Ladakh- Ladakh is a place of High Altitude. Ladakh gives us the most beautiful mountain, landscapes, major peaks, lakes and valley pass. It is a perfect place for two.

3. Jaisalmer- Jaisalmer is termed as the land of golden sand and jewel of deserts. Jaisalmer is a place of Royal Rajputs and famous for its sand dunes, camel rides, Jaisalmer Fort. There are luxurious trains to travel through Rajasthan like Palace on wheels, Royal Rajasthan on wheels and Maharaja Express.

4. Munnar- Munnar is considered as the most famous honeymoon destination of Kerela. Munnar is known for its tea gardens, waterfalls, rolling hills and mountains.

5. Kodaikanal- Kodaikanal is said to be the Princess Of Forests. It serves as the major honeymoon destination

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